obshenieWe assist, encourage and challenge both selling and not selling professionals, helping
them to truly maximize their potential and their results.

BDU provides dynamic and results-driven one-on-one sales coaching with the goal of maximizing potential to achieve excellence and success.

Contact us at 1-877-310-1370 or request a consultation to discuss how one-on-one sales coaching can help you or your sales team fill the pipeline and improve the company’s top line!

For corporate companies, we will improve your top line as we:

  • Help a newer or underperforming sales associate who needs to ramp up quickly.
  • Transform sales veterans from good to great, and from great to superstar.
  • Reinforce valuable training so that sound principles become good practice.
  • Empower a sales manager or VP of sales to increase the team’s productivity.

For small businesses, our one-on-one sales coaching will:

  • Help you balance your business responsibilities for maximum impact.
  • Enable you to a well thought out business development game plan.
  • Identify high pay-off activities so that you get the best return on your time.
  • Leverage your networking relationships for warm referrals.

For professionals or entrepreneurs, BDU’s coaching will:

  • Train you in proven sales strategies and tactics.
  • Maximize the limited time you have to invest in business development.
  • Even out the ebb and flow of work by bringing in a consistent stream of qualified prospects.
  • Increase the amount of an average engagement, improve win rates and shorten the sales cycle.