CEOs Say THIS Is Their Number One Business Priority for 2018

CEO Think Tank recently published the findings of their 12th annual growth strategies survey, data compiled from businesses in and around the Greater Philadelphia area, and what we’ve learned from the results isn’t the least bit surprising. According to the CEOs surveyed, 40% say “increasing revenues” is their top priority for the year. It appears they’re facing the same challenges … Read More

Business Development: It’s Not Too Late for a Strong 2018

Three tips for a strong 2018

Time goes by so quickly and it’s difficult to believe we’re already in March! It’s easy to become discouraged if you haven’t yet set your business development goals for the year or determined how you’ll carve out the time. Rest assured… it’s not too late! Seize the opportunity today to evaluate the beginning of your year and plan for the … Read More

Eight Tips for Improving Your Sales Performance

Lisa’s Interview with Temple’s Fox School of Business As a Temple University graduate, BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin is proud of the time she spent at the Fox School of Business earning her MBA. She was so honored when they recently reached out to her for an interview on her secrets to sales success. Read the full article, where Lisa discusses … Read More

Selling Power TV: The Secrets to Business Development with Lisa Peskin

SellingPower logo

BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin loves sharing her secrets for sales and business development success. She recently spoke with Gerhard Gschwandtner for an interview on Selling Power TV on a variety of topics, including what she feels we’ve gained and lost through technology, the three things sales managers can do to better impact their organization and what you can take away … Read More

SELL: It’s Not the Bad Four-Letter Word You Think It Is

Learn BDU's 8 tips for sales success without "selling"

Non-selling professionals such as lawyers, accountants, consultants and small business owners need to grow their client base, but they want to do so without coming off as too pushy. It’s hard to walk that fine line between gently pursuing new leads and aggressively going after them, so how exactly to do you sell without being too “salesy?” BDU has eight … Read More

BDU’s Top Five Tips for Success in the New Year

Jump into the new year with these five tips from BDU

Happy New Year! Now is the perfect time to evaluate your past year’s performance and put together your game plan for the year ahead. BDU has five important tips to help you plan for success in 2018: Take a minute to reflect and reset. There is nothing you can do about last year, last week, the other day or even … Read More

Jennifer Einhorn Joins the BDU Team

Jennifer Einhorn

Business Development University is excited to announce that Jennifer Einhorn, Executive Consultant and Sales Coach, has been brought on board as the newest member of the BDU team. Einhorn spent the majority of her career in technology and software sales, as well as in customer success. In her previous roles, she built and managed sales and customer success teams, was … Read More

End-of-Year Triage for Successful Sales Leaders

Sales Leaders end of year triage

BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin recently spoke to a group of Vistage members on the topic of “Sales Superstars: Getting the Most out of Your Sales Team.” One of the main takeaways from her talk was that as a sales leader you have a one line job description: to maximize the potential and performance of your sales associates. How do you … Read More

Networking: BDU’s Five Key Tips for Attracting Influencers

Networking and Attracting Key Influencers

Most sales professionals understand that networking is a key component to business success. Perhaps you’ve attended a handful of networking events but haven’t gotten much out of them. Networking is so much more than just showing up and talking with a few people about what you do. It’s a wonderful way to build a network of influencers around you to … Read More

The Keys to Sales Success – Lisa’s Q & A with Advantages Magazine

Read the full issue

We’re so excited to share this recent spotlight on BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin for ASI’s Advantages magazine! In Lisa’s Q & A, featured in the magazine’s “The Experts” section, she discusses what she’s discovered to be the keys to sales success.   Advantages is the leading industry publication for distributors with content that “regularly gives distributor sales people a leg up on their … Read More