Closing “Elephants”

Close more "elephants" now with these tips from BDU

I remember early in my career at ADP when I was really struggling with my sales and not hitting my monthly quota. I spent most of my time focusing on very small accounts; they were easy to get appointments with but were extremely price-sensitive, and there was not a lot that I could “sell” to them since their needs were … Read More

“Squeeze the Lemon”: How to Get the Most Out of All You Do

Squeeze the Lemon

At BDU, one of our core philosophies is the concept of “squeezing the lemon.” It’s not about turning lemons into lemonade. It’s the idea of “squeezing” the most out of everything we do and maximizing every opportunity to make the most out of a situation, whether it’s for business or in our personal lives. Even something as basic as taking … Read More

Re-Engage Your Unresponsive Prospects Right Now

Re-Engage Prospects

We’ve all been there with an initially warm prospect that’s suddenly gone cold. You’re trying to close the sale and they’re just not moving forward. Maybe they’ve stopped returning your calls or emails, or they’re responding with some strong pushback. How exactly do you get the ball moving forward again so you can close the sale? BDU has a few … Read More

Want to End the Year Strong? Do These Three Things Right Now

With the summer months quickly coming to an end and the fall season right around the corner, now is the time to make sure you’re not only hitting but exceeding the goals you set for 2017. There are only a few short months left until a new year begins, so you need to make sure you’re preparing yourself or your … Read More

7 Steps for Successfully Building a New Business

Learn Lisa's 7 tips for budding entrepreneurs

As the Sales Executive in Residence at Temple University, BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin had the opportunity on Thursday, July 20th to present at the Innovation & Entrepreneurship’s Startup Studio, a forum for new and upcoming business leaders. In her talk, given mostly to the 2017 BYOBB finalists and other new entrepreneurs, Lisa covered the key aspects of growing a young … Read More

The Top Four Reasons Sales People Quit (and How to Keep Them)

If you’re responsible for managing a sales team, it’s likely you’ve seen your sales associates come and go. However, have you ever wondered if you could possibly do things differently in order to decrease a rapid rate of turnover and keep a strong sales team in place? Here are the top four reasons your sales people are most likely to … Read More

Words of Wisdom from Expert Kim Richmond

Kim Richmond

In May, BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin had the opportunity to once again join a panel of “sharks” for “Sales Shark Tank,” a presentation for Kim Richmond’s Personal Selling course at Rutgers University in Camden. During the “Sales Shark Tank,” teams of students from Richmond’s class practiced demonstrating their sales skills by presenting various products they’ve created to the panel of … Read More

Four Steps to Making Time for Rainmaking


“If you fail to plan, you’re planning to fail.” Those words of wisdom from Ben Franklin were a focal point of BDU’s CLE workshop, Making Time for Rainmaking. BDU’s Beth Rosenfeld and Heather Herrington recently held several interactive sessions on this valuable topic. The 90-minute sessions focused on developing individual plans for carving out time for business development and marketing, … Read More

Three Secrets of Sales Success

Do you want to know the three secrets of sales success? BDU’s CEO Lisa Peskin uncovers these “expert secrets” in this short, informative video by ASI. (Read their full post at Want to learn more from Lisa? Join her at the next ASI show in Chicago!

Overcome Objections and Close More Sales Now

Objections can come at any time throughout the sales cycle. You may be presented with one when you first reach out to schedule an appointment with a prospective client. Another objection may come after you’ve presented solutions and are ready to go for the close. It’s important to know how to: Anticipate objections Handle objections once they arise Use different techniques … Read More