BDU Breakdown and Source of Business Analysis

Comprehensive breakdown and analysis of sales revenue and source so sales/business development professionals, teams or organizations can determine where to focus in order to maximize ROI from their business development efforts.thumbnail of BDU Business Breakdown and Source Analysis

BDU Wheel of Fortune

Comprehensive visual that represents everything an individual, team or company can do to grow sales and revenues. BDU uses this tool to help our clients (individuals, teams and companies) determine where to focus their efforts and time in order to maximize results.

thumbnail of BDU Wheel of Fortune

BDU Sales Associate Analysis

A comprehensive collection and analysis of key information for each individual sales person. The result is a clear understanding of what 3 areas, if improved upon, will have the biggest impact on each person’s sales performance and success.thumbnail of BDU Sales Person Analysis

BDU Sales Team Analysis

 A comprehensive collection and analysis of key information about a sales team or organization. The result is a clear understanding of what 3 areas, if improved upon, will have the biggest impact on the teams’ sales performance and success.thumbnail of BDUSalesTeamAnalysis.docx

BDU Networking Meeting Checklist

A guideline for how to conduct one on one meetings with centers of influence, including questions to ask and key information to uncover, to make sure that you maximize networking opportunities.
thumbnail of BDU Networking Meeting Checklist (1)

BDU Circle of Influence

Key networking visual that represents the different industries or verticals that you might meet throughout your networking efforts, as well a simple way to categorize the people within your network.thumbnail of BDU Circle of Influence

BDU Client Visit Checklist

BDU believes that your clients are your gold and that you need to maximize opportunities within your existing clients. This tool provides a comprehensive checklist of everything you might discuss and accomplish when talking to your client base.thumbnail of BDU Client Visit Checklist

BDU Coaching Session Form

A helpful tool that sales managers can use for one on one sessions with their sales team.thumbnail of BDU Coaching Session Form PDF

BDU Curbside Critique

A key way to help develop your sales associates is to spend a day in the field with each of them. This tool can be used by the sales manager as a basis for feedback to evaluate and rate the day.

thumbnail of BDU Curbside Critique and Planning Session forms

BDU Goal Tracking Form

An easy-to-use tool that helps individuals, teams and companies track their progress for the next 30, 60 and 90 days against their well-defined activity and result goals for key focus areas.thumbnail of BDU Goal Tracking Form

BDU Knowledge and Skills Inventory Checklist

Detailed score card to be completed by the sales manager or associate that represents a comprehensive list of the information and skills a sales person needs for success.thumbnail of BDU Knowledge and Skills Inventory Checklist

BDU Pipeline Enrichment Program Tracker

This program represents a systematic multi-prong effort to get more prospects in your pipeline. A phenomenal system, the tracker provides structure and is to be used with your top targeted accounts.thumbnail of BDU Pipeline Enrichment Program TrackerBDU Prospecting Tracking Form

It is important for sales people to be able to evaluate their metrics when it comes to prospecting efforts. This form allows the sales associate to track calls, contacts and appointments to understand the activity needed in order to produce necessary results.thumbnail of BDU PROSPECTING TRACKING FORM

BDU Triage Visual

At BDU, we strongly believe in helping individuals and companies figure out what 3 areas, if improved upon, would have biggest impact on performance. This visual provides snapshot of some potential triage areas and are categorized by the key aspects of success in sales.thumbnail of BDU – Sales Triage Analysis Visual PDF